Since you left

Where is my happiness
That I've felt before
Driven away by the sadness
I feel shaken to the core

Where are you and what do you do?
Are you happy, are you sad?
The wall is all locked down too
I'm being torn apart instead

Since you left I'm missing you
I just wanna be kissing you
The longing for you hurts so much
Want you here, I want your touch
Where are you, do you think of me
I miss you, can't you see?

True love is what I finally found
But couldn't hold it, that's for sure
All the pain is still around
Sacrifice is now the cure

I would like to spend more time with you
Much more than we already had
A shared future just for us two
Oh, I would be so glad

You gave me security
I've never been so happy
The pain is my profanity
I live in my memories

© mcBand / Sascha Rejall

Dieser Song ist aus aus unserem englischsprachigen Album "Thoughts".
Das Album mit denselben Songs auf deutsch findest du hier: "Gedankenspiel"